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From rehabilitation to fitness and water confidence, we can help with all. 

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Alfie’s Story
Name – Alfie
Breed – English Springer Spaniel
Age – 3 years
Favourite thing – Tennis balls and squeaky pigs!
Alfie went to his forever home at 13 weeks old. At his first vet check the day after it was apparent he had luxating patellas and would require surgery to fix them. That meant no long walks and not doing things that puppies enjoy doing! Fast forward 18 months and he’s had three knee replacements on both hind legs (one was a failed surgery and had to be redone).

It was decided that after the third operation that would be his last surgery and crate rest for his knees as he was becoming distressed, and his mental state was suffering. At the age of 2 Alfie had not learned how to walk on a lead. Due to a strong likelihood of arthritis by the age of 3 Alfie added this condition to his others as he had it in his knees and hips.

He’s nearly four now and it’s been a long struggle for him. At one point there was mention of him being put to sleep at the end of last year as we couldn’t get his pain under control.  This was until we started with regular hydro and physiotherapy at House of Hound. Thankfully with the help from Victoria and Lisa we’ve managed to get it controlled alongside medication, and Alfie loves his fortnightly swims and physio appointments!

You’d never know he’s had all this surgery by looking at him! Recently he had attended the scent work class and he had a natural flair for it! He takes everything in his stride, from meeting new people to learning new things, he might not have been the easiest first dog but he has taught us a lot, and I wouldn’t change him for the world.

Owner – Amelia Astbury

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