Scent Groups

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Scent work for dogs is a great way to provide both physical exercise and mental activity for dogs. Fantastic for young and old, it can especially benefit rehab dogs who are not able to fulfil the levels of exercise they once were used to.  Scent work training can be done with almost any dog.

So What Do We Know About Dogs and Scent?

Dogs love to sniff and smell their way through the day.  Our course will help you harness this skill rather than fighting against it. We specialise in teaching pet dogs and owners how to have fun with scent work. We offer foundation workshops on different levels which give you the skills on how use the techniques with your dog.  This is beneficial for ALL dogs and abilities, not just those specialised individuals that have been selected for this specific task. 

We teach so much more than just scent work technique; your dog’s physical, emotional, mental wellbeing is at core of everything we teach.  We work on the basis that not ‘one size fits all’ and adapt our teaching to the needs of your dog.  

Scent work is great way to have fun with your dog and offers such good mental stimulation.  It is really tiring.

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