Include your dog in your wedding or event

We pride ourselves on the fact our Chaperones are fully trained and are able to understand exactly what is required to intregate your dog in to
your special day/event.

We ensure your furry friend is available to be involved in all of the key parts you require and that your dog and your guests are happy at all times.

Our commitment to our clients is to work with all professionals (i.e: Venue, Planner, photographer) behind the scenes in collaboration with your
requests to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible.

Our Chaperones will attend in smart but understated clothing so they blend into the background (but are also happy to follow a specific dress code if required). They will come fully prepared for any unexpected
 situations and bad weather including keeping your dog clean throughout the day.

All of our Chaperones have years of experience handling, training and walking dogs so all breeds are welcome.

Our Packages

Please get in touch if you have any questions
  • Pre wedding consultation
  • Pick up
  • Walks
  • Bath, Brush, Dry
  • Accessory (Flower or bow tie)
  • Arrive at the ceremony venue 30 mins before
  • wedding
  • Assist with Including dog in Ceremony if
  • requested
  • Co- ordinate with photographer and assist
  • Attending to all of your dogs needs throughout
  • the day
  • Leave before the reception
  • Drop off

All of the Bronze package plus:

  • Full attendance at the reception
  • Transport to the reception venue
  • Extra walks throughout the day as needed
  • Co- ordinating with the venue and
  • photographer throughout the ceremony and reception.
  • Attending to your dogs needs throughout the ceremony and reception
  • Drop off

All of the Silver package plus:

  • One night home boarding
  • A Pawsie gift box
  • A fun swim session (either during their stay or at a time when you can watch)
  • A photo book of their stay with us and behind the scenes at your event
  • Walks as needed through out their stay
  • Feeding as instructed
  • Maintenance grooming
  • Play times
  • Plenty of cuddles overnight

All of the gold package plus:

  • An extra night home boarding (2 in total)
  • Extra walks as needed
  • Extra playtimes throughout their stay
  • A larger photo book to allow you to see all of your dogs activities
  • We will stay to welcome your evening guests before taking your dog to settle in a comfy bed for the night
  • Extra cuddles and fuss!
  • Completely tailored to your needs
  • Extra dogs
  • Extra Chaperones
  • Swim sessions
  • Honeymoon boarding
  • Chaperone to stay at venue
  • Full Grooming
  • (Additional costs – Mileage for venues outside of a 20 mile radius of our Hydrotherapy centre charged at £0.45 per mile)

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